Tenement Safety Net - Actions for Land Management

Tenement Safety Net is a special purpose web application specifically designed to help Australian mining companies protect their most valuable assets: their tenements, by providing an independent, timely and concise backup to their tenement management system.

Given a list of tenements across Australia, Tenement Safety Net produces a regular easily readable email report of critical management actions due on these tenements. These actions are calculated from the tenement types and official tenement datasets sourced from the relevant state mines departments, eliminating possible operator error and providing an independent crosscheck of internal management systems.

Using this information, a tenement manager can quickly and confidently:

  • Build a checklist of tasks to be done that month;
  • Verify that last month’s work has been completed and recorded in the official register;
  • Correct any errors or omissions before they become subject to official procedures.

Tenement Safety Net is also ideal for shadow managing tenements where there may be royalty interests or joint venture arrangements and the tenements are being managed by a third party. In this case, the reports can be used to cross check that the tenements are being kept in good standing. It also provides a fully independent cross check of tenement management activities.

As a web application, Tenement Safety Net requires no installation, and, once set up, requires no user actions or computer resources. Reports arrive monthly by email, using the schedule provided.

Tenement Safety Net has a variety of options to suit your needs and budget:

  • Monthly Reports– lets you know each month what is coming up;
  • Weekly Reports– A lot can happen in a month and weekly reports can draw your attention to any immediate actions due;
  • Fortnightly Reports– Has the advantage of receiving interim reporting on the state of your tenements and the status of tenement critical actions;
  • Registered Holder Search Reports– A scan of tenements held by specified registered holders automatically adding tenements that were not previously on the tenement list;
  • Conditions Changes Report– This report details all the current tenement conditions and any changes in conditions from one report to the next;
  • Customised Reporting– A custom Excel spreadsheet report that are attached to your TSN report, which can be filtered for particular reporting types;
  • Multiple Reports- Specifies subset reporting tailored to your particular interests e.g. TSN reports for different States sent directly to relevant recipient or group of recipients.

For further information or to request a trial report of your own tenements, contact us.

1 Data is sourced from the relevant government websites, and remains subject to their respective disclaimers and copyright. Reports are provided subject to the availability of up-to-date data from the relevant government websites at the time of preparing the report.

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Tenement Safety Net Overview

Tenement Safety Net - Manage your Tenement actions

Current Version: 3.4

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Tenement Safety Net Product Overview: PDF

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