Community Engagement

At LandTrack Systems we are continually working in conjunction with the mining industry and the Department of Mines, Industrial Relations and Safety (DMIRS), lobbying on your behalf to ensure that our products stay in line with current legislation.


We are always interested in Community engagement and as such write topical articles regarding matters of interest:

The following articles highlight interesting points:


Over the years we have campaigned for a number of changes on behalf of clients. Our most recent campaign has been to petition the DMP to permit free digital tenement data for compliance purposes. The history to this petition is outlined in the following articles:

The petition below is the document presented to Ivor Roberts at the DMP on 5/2/2015. It contain the petition request, along with the names of the 97 signatories, and some comments as well.

Press Releases

LandTrack Systems provide valuable tools or collaborative and educational resources to both our clients and the larger community of tenement and land professionals. We strive to inform our community through Press Releases:

White Papers

In the process of petitioning the DMP, we realised we have a unique position in the WA mining industry. Through our clients, we have insight into the key issues faced by Tenement Managers and Consultants. Our first white paper on Data Mining discusses the DMP's response to the issues raised above and provides assistance with setting up an RSS feed to be alerted of new ground becoming available.

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