Musings on Agility by Founder and Managing Director, Justin von Perger

Agile Workplace

Since its inception in 2004, LandTrack Systems has been an "Agile Workplace", with a clear focus on delivering value and responding to change. It all started during my Postgraduate Diploma in 2001 when I first discovered the Agile Manifesto and associated Agile Development ecosystems, and recognised that it meshed both technically and philosophically with my approach to software development.

In 2012 I adopted Scrum as our formal development methodology, and in 2016 applied it to the whole company. In 2017 we split into three teams (Dev / Sales / Support) but still sharing the same sprint board and the morning standup.


In 2017 the company had grown to eight full time staff and it seemed necessary to develop a management heirarchy. Until that time it had been essentially flat, with all staff working as one agile team together. It didn't fit though with the way we were working, and so I reverted to the single tier. When I reviewed employment contracts I realised they did not reflect the way we worked either, so I decided to make them "Agile". To my surprise, there was *Nothing* on the internet that discussed this. So I made one. If you are interested in knowing more, please contact us for more details.

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